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Religious Studies

Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies’ webpage. As you will see by exploring the contents of this webpage, the Department of Religious Studies engages in the analysis and interpretation of those features of the human experience and expressions of human culture commonly referred to as “sacred” or “religious.” Religion is one of the most significant features of human existence historically, cross-culturally, and—especially today—globally. It thereby is a critical dimension of the liberal arts and sciences at the very center of the university experience. The scholarly study of religion draws on multi-disciplinary approaches, especially in the humanities and social sciences, for examining a wide range of phenomena – myth, symbol, and ritual; the genesis, transmission and interpretation of religious texts; the formation, history, sustainability, ecology, and character of religious communities; traditions of religious belief and practice; the role of religion in politics, society, culture, and global affairs; religious ethics; religion and the arts; as well as the material culture of religion. The Department of Religious Studies emphasizes theories and methods for the scholarly study of religion globally. It is committed to preparing students for a diversity of careers and advanced study as active citizens of a religiously diverse global world.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer.